Hanmei Cosmetics Trading Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong-registered Cosmetics Trading Limited company. We have many years of experience in cosmetics trade and experienced team members to provide you with the most convenient and economical channel to provide you with the best service.

The main source of goods comes from Lotte duty-free shops in Korea, Xinluo duty-free shops, new world duty free shops and other more than 100 well-known Korean duty-free shops, as well as cosmetics, skin care products, perfume and other more than 5000 varieties of cosmetics. In the major duty-free stores to join forces to provide you with the market's most competitive source of goods and prices.


At present, the company's annual sales have reached 90 million US dollars, and has gradually established itself in the industry. In order to seek greater development with you, the company constantly strives to sincerely seek to join hands with our company to gradually grow partners.